Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Omaha Family Visits!

July 21 - 24, 2008
Cheryl, Linus and Ada came to visit. Daddy was in Portland, OR for the week.

We're Here!

Ada found a frog.
Here are their seats (next to my unfinished arbor).

The next morning, we went to a special park created several years ago by a raft of community members. This part of the park displays several Fairfield landmarks.
Had to include this photo. :-)

We had a lunch picnic. Before we left, we had to search for pirates. ;-)

That evening, Grandpa took Linus fishing.
Wait a minute! Who's doing the work?
And who's fishing? ;-)
Okay! We must let the girls in the boat.Hold it steady.
All aboard!

A little action shot.

It was a big day... but we had to create a few bubbles, too!
A nice visit was enjoyed by all! :-)

Even the Grandma-swinger!
(Might be in the Shade, but it's not "shady!")

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GardenAuthor said...

Thanks for sharing the visit... looks like fun - especially the rowboat and bubbles. Love the photo on the swing, with the children all suited up for the rowboat ~ Deb