Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last Week Was Really Fun!

Last Monday, Cheryl drove here with L & A! They all spent the night. Tuesday, after lunch, Cheryl & L left to visit friends in Illinois. They left A and me ("Grandma!") together for two whole days and nights. "Grandpa" came home from a meeting on Wednesday and enjoyed the rest of the visit.

Our A is now 2 years and 3 months old. What fun we had! Tuesday afternoon we drove to a local farm store that had baby chicks and baby ducks for sale. We didn't buy any (probably a wise decision), but we surely enjoyed those "cheep-cheeps!" ;-)

Here we are, "hiding" in the pillows!

Wish I'd taken more photos.

You have to know that Sidney is pretty tolerant when we have company... and that means exactly what the word says. No acceptance here... merely tolerant!

On Wednesday we went to the local nature center.
A loved watching the baby painted turtles and the fish.
She also had a great time listening to animal sounds (she also loved pushing the buttons!).

A's a great singer! You might enjoy this little clip. :-)

Mommy and L returned early Thursday afternoon. L is now a whopping 4 1/2 years old!
We had such a nice time together.
They stayed one more night before leaving Friday after lunch.

Here is a parting photograph.We missed them right away.

Next time, Daddy (Kyle) will come, too!
The best he could do, this time, was to tape small photos of his face on the car seats, etc.
No chance that his family would forget him! ;-)