Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas With Our Family

Christmas Morning!
And we are excited...
Is there something there for me?

Will you read it, Grandpa?
Will you read it, Grandma?
Big eyes!Lots of fun!Wait until next year!

Watching a Veggie-tale. I smooched A!Yummy peanut butter toast!
Great Grandma with K & K
Aunt Pat & Uncle Don
Time for pie!
And this little fellow has something to say!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


We Were Thankful for...

1) safe travel for our daughter, son-in-law, and their two children (our grandchildren!),
2) a warm home,
3) plenty of good food,
4) good conversation and entertainment by the children(!)
5) and a quiet dog. ;-)

Sidney didn't bark when they came. That made our 4-year-old grandson very relieved and happy. Our nearly two-year-old granddaughter squealed and giggled with delight because she'd forgotten that there Was a Sidney.
Sidney... being quiet.

Ready to leave to see the lighting of the town square.
(The Friday night following Thanksgiving, the town square's Christmas lights are lit,
Santa comes to town, pony rides are given, and carolers sing.)
And "binkie" goes nearly everywhere... just in case.
Just Being Silly!

Our Entertainment!

Time passed too quickly!
Two days weren't quite long enough for this Grandma,
but maybe it was long enough for everyone else. (They had to travel
to another Grandma and Grandpa's house on Saturday.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Quick Trip to Omaha to "Hug Up" Family!

November 8 - 12, 2007

My goodness! I hadn't been in Omaha to visit C & K and L & A since August. For Shame!

I left around noon on Thursday the 8th and arrived 4 hours and 15 minutes later. Three fourths of my family was on the curb when I arrived. Talk about a warm welcome!Great Grass!
And who's that fellow hiding behind it? ;-)

Brother and Sister "chillin'!"

Great Grandma's baby blanket ("binkie") goes everywhere!

Perhaps she's singing for her supper?
Or for a knight from the Playmobile catalog? (!)

Now, how can you resist that smile?
Saturday morning
We went for a walk (and a bit of a run) on a nearby campus.

Here's our stroller-rider. Notice what she's "reading?"

And, I just kept buzzing around everyone with my camera,
hoping to get good photos!

Saturday evening.
Daughter C and a few of her friends held an art/craft sale (in C & K's home).
It was a lot of fun. There was a great turn-out.Just a few photos of some of the items to be sold.

Each contributor to the sale brought finger food and/or
a bottle of wine.
On Sunday, after Church services, we took a trip to the grocery store.
This is a great place. Free samples, too!Is that another "Playmo" book? :-)

L Loves Preschool!

While he was in preschool, we 3 generation girls went shopping!
First, a stop at the mall playground.(I have a beautiful daughter and granddaughter!)The 4 days went WAY too quickly.
It was hard to leave for home after lunch on Monday.

But, They will be Here for Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 1, 2007

"Grandma Camp! September 13 - 27, 2007

Actually, I drove to Michigan on Tuesday, September 11. I wanted to be there before our "grown- up kids" and their 4 month old son (my grandson, don't-cha-know?) left on a two-week trip out of the country.
The Family

Grandma Camp began Thursday, September 13. The first thing M (now 3 3/4 yrs), I (turned 2 years Sept. 11), and I (me) did was to head to Home Depot! We needed a bag of sandbox sand, a bag of sand-mix concrete, and two strong helpers to assist in the loading, purchasing, and unloading! Not only did we find everything we needed, but our two capable helpers were very good-natured and smiled the entire while.

Then we headed for the garden department... can't go to a place like Home Depot without perusing the plants! We found a couple of little "crawl on the ground" sedum for the girls to plant at some point, a medium-sized shepherd's hook and a nice, big bag of enriched dirt! Eureka! We had it made. But, again we needed (and found) able assistance.

Now we had the makings for several projects and activities: 1) sand in their sand table...2) mixing concrete and making stepping stones (with pretty purple rocks), and garden markers - each with a name (their own as well as "Mommy," "Daddy," and "H" - baby brother)...
Before going home, we went to a huge, local shopping center... groceries, clothing, electronics, "you name it, they had it" type stores. We needed a few grocery items. And that's where Grandma discovered two (most likely "antique" if not old) "horses" for children to ride after check-out... approximately 2 minutes' ride for 1 (one) cent! An attraction and a bargain. We made quite a few trips to this store - it was quite nearby - and had many "horsie" rides. :-)Over the next couple of days we drove to a couple of other department stores for such things as playdough tools, bubble-stuff, a sewing center for vinyl fabric to make a cover for the sand table, etc. One of the stores had a small musical carousel... another "hit."Other yard activities included swinging, planting and watering flowers, raking, blowing bubbles...
Additional outdoor activities included playing at a couple of other playground/parks, Grandma pushing the stroller downtown (and running through sprinklers!), going to the airport to watch airplanes and skydivers and sitting in a small airplane!Indoor activities included measuring and making several dishes: pancakes, waffles, Dutch Oven Pancake, corn fritters, 3 kinds of muffins, sugar cookies, apple pie...
having tea...Grandma's Beauty Shop...
The Very Glad Reunion and Group Hug!
(and the end of "Grandma Camp")

Grandma and her girls!I waited until Saturday, Sept. 29 to return home.
I miss everyone already!
But, I also need to make a trip to visit my other family soon...