Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Week in Omaha, June 17-23, 2008

June 17-23, 2008 found me in Omaha. Mommy and Daddy were preparing for a short trip to Seattle (sightseeing) so I went to stay with our grandchildren(!). :-) The first item of business were Scribble pads; they were a hit!
L is eager to show off his dad's handiwork in the backyard.

Big brother scoping out the backyard with the telescope.

Little sister tries it, too.
I don't know which photo I like best.
How about you?
(click on them to enlarge a bit)

After the parents leave, we head for a local home/garden/lumber store!
It's not long before we're back home again.

One day we took a walk to a neighborhood bakery.
Chocolate faces!

And explored the steps of a large church on the way home.

Bubbles in the backyard.
Eating Grandma's apple cake
while we make clothespin dolls.

L's new placemat

Grandma made one for A.

Our "Welcome Home Banner!"

And, here they are!

A couple of photos from our trip to Lauritson Gardens.

A Postscript is added here: We also made stepping stones to surprise Mommy and Daddy!
Here are some photos (thanks Cheryl!):
A very Fun Week.