Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just a Few More Michigan Zoo Tidbits

After the carousel ride, we saw this fellow! A colorful iguana?

And after the monkeys, the Mommy and the girls negotiated this trail through the water. :-)

Then we visited the Butterfly House.
One of Grandma's favorite spots! :-)

You must see them in action... click here!

More dinosaur digging...
Hayden digs, too.

Click to see Hayden in action. :-)
Peacocks that eventually had to leave this site...
the alligator was creeping towards them.

Mr. Llama

The entrance to the Australian Site:

We were able to get pretty close to a couple of kangaroos.
You might like to click on this little video, too. :-)

We had a great day at the zoo. "Shady" was there, but only as Grandma. :-)


GardenAuthor said...

Shady ~ Enjoyed the butterfly and 'roo action-videos. What a striking Iguana and haughty looking llama. Thanks for the zoo trip ~ Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Deb! Now You must take a trip to the zoo. :-)