Thursday, August 20, 2009

Camping at Platte River State Park, NE

Friday, July 31, 2009
Click on any of the photos... most will enlarge.

We met our D family in Omaha
and drove to the Platte River State Park southwest
of the city.

The weather was perfect. The cabins were as cute
as could be. We had a wonderful time... and here's an
account of some of our activities.

These are our cabins. Whitetail 2 is theirs and
Whitetail 3 is ours. Sheets, pillows, towels, washcloths,
etc. were all furnished. These one-room cabins had
refrigerators and fans. There were two outdoor grills
behind each cabin.

Grandpa Shady cooks dinner.

Yea! Dinner! And sweet corn - our favorite!

After dinner, we're going to climb The Tower!

Ground floor and climbing. After climbing many, many
flights - we made it!

We are Very High... way above the treetops. Click on the
photo on the right to see Mommy way down on the ground!

We're right here... and there's the Platte River.

What do you see, way down there?

A teepee! Yea!

Looks like this tree drank some sour lemonaid.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good morning D boys! Ready for a big day??

While Mommy made breakfast, the other 3 Ds again
climbed the tower!

After breakfast, we got the bikes ready and headed out.
(Daddy got the work-out!) We rode around until we found...

a little Paddleboat Action!

Lunch is over - let's head for the Wildlife Safari!

At the very beginning of the Safari, we found Elk (EEK!) right next to the road.
Shortly thereafter we drove by a small herd of White-tail Deer.

After leaving the elk and deer, we drove by a creek.
We saw Pelicans and resting turtles.

A walking tour took us past a Long-eared Owl,
a Screech Owl,

and a Barn Owl

We were able to see a Black Bear and a Gray Wolf.

We found a pond and wildlife... a leopard frog (I assume)
with its frog spawn,

and a little painted turtle.
(click on the photos)

L had a Pearl Crescent climb aboard.

It was hard to let him go.

Pronghorn Antelope

Bison in the wild.

After the Safari Driving tour, we stopped at the visitor center.
This fellow, with some companions, were resting outdoors.

I'm just a bit nervous, but I guess
as long as he is content, I'll be okay! :-)

Mr. Shady and daughter seem quite at home on the range.

Ride 'em cowhands! ;-)

But do be careful!!

Soft-hearted girl gets a nice gentle ride.

At the visitor center, there was a building with pens and small animals.
A Bobcat and a Swift Fox.

A Bald Eagle and a couple of colorful Chuckers.

By the time we left, someone was tuckered out!

Saturday night dinner preparations included preparing fresh green beans.
Dessert by Chef Mr. Shady -
cherry pies baked over the grill. :-)

Sunday Morning, August 2, 2009
We are so efficient. Sunday morning we woke up, had breakfast (yum!) and headed out to visit the horse stable and then the craft house.

This cicada was walking across the sidewalk when we got up. I've never seen one inside its skin... usually you find the discarded shells at the base of trees.

While this toad (variety?) was hanging around the craft house Sunday morning.

Hiking to do our crafts. Once L & A donned the paint shirts, we were set!

Busy at work on a pirate ship and a ceramic fish.

And a great time was had by all! We really liked this park!
We'll need to return!

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